Titan gel gold — Enhanced version

Today, more and more men are becoming curious about male enhancement products. Thus many starts trying them out in hope to help them boost the size of their manhood. If you’re one of them, then chances are you’ve heard of the product called Titan Gel original.

This product line has taken the Russian market by storm and its presence is expanding throughout Asia and some parts of Europe. Throughout the years, the company has continuously done research and studies on how to improve their products, thus the birth of Titan Gel Gold.
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But what is Titan Gel Gold?

Titan Gel Gold is a new and improved version of the original Titan Gel red. Just like the preceding version, is a gel product that claims to increase the size of a man’s penis with consistent use. It says to provide great comfort, ideal lubrication, and hydration thanks to its high concentration of hyaluronic acid. It also consists of high levels of succinic acid, which helps enhance the effect of a complex of exercises intended for enlargement of the penis. Titan Gel Gold has a nice and smooth texture, fragrance, non-sticky, and is parabens free.

titan gel gold vs titan gel

How is it different from Titan Gel Red (Classic)?

As mentioned earlier, Titan Gel Red also claims the same purpose as the Gold version – it also promotes penis enlargement and better sex performance. However, there are features that you can find only on the Titan Gel Gold that you cannot find on its red counterpart.

It is said that Titan Gel Gold works 3 times faster and better than Red version. This new improved version promises to be safer and to offer more effectiveness and satisfaction. This is mainly due to its active ingredients that are not found in the previous version.

Many users who have tried using both versions say that compared to Titan Gel Red, the Gold counterpart help them overcome premature ejaculation issues, get more orgasm, longer sex drive, and gives them more tension and harder erection.

Active Ingredients

Just like the previous version, Titan Gel Gold contains only natural ingredients extracted from seed and herbs. The ingredients list looks like that:

• Cyclopentasiloxane
• Dimethicone
• Glyceryl laurate
• Menthol
• PEG / PPG-18/18 Dimethicone
• Phenoxyethanol
• Poloxamer 184
• Propylene glycol
• Sodium hyaluronate
• Sodium hydroxide
• Sodium polyacrylate
• Strawberry extract
• Succinic acid
• Trideceth-6
• Verbena flowers/leaf extract
• Water

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How does it work, exactly?

There are three components in using Titan Gel Gold. These components are the following:

1. Helps the muscles become more elastic by relaxing them
2. Enhances the blood flow
3. Stimulates growth

But in order to maximize its benefits, simply rubbing the gel on your penis is not enough. Jelqing is required to be able to make the most of this wonder gel. Jelqing exercises are massaging technique that is believed to increase the length and thickness of a penis.

Should you buy it?

The short answer is YES.

what is titan gel gold

Being the most effective male enhancing product in the market today – according to its many users – giving this a shot is definitely worth it.

Its effectiveness isn’t disputed – it’s recognized by all its users and specified media that attest that it is true to its claim. Further, with the 100% natural ingredients used to make this product, safety issue shouldn’t be a concern.

So, if you are looking to improve the size of your penis, but want to save thousands of dollars from going under the knife, which involves a usually painful process, you should give this product a go.

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